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Corporate head office, legal form and ownership
The company DISS, distribucija računalniške opreme in trgovina d.o.o., was entered into the register under registration entry number 1/30574/00 with the District Court in Ljubljana, Department of Commercial Justice under decision No. SRG 98/02423 of 18 May 1998.
Capital ties
The company DISS d.o.o. is the 100% owner of the company Marmis d.o.o. In 2009, the company DISS founded the company VAD d.o.o., where it holds 100 %.
Nature of operation and core activity
The Managing Director of the company Janez Bregar represents the Management Board.
The company DISS was established in 1998 with the purpose of distributing IT equipment in Slovenia and the desire to expand its activities to the SE Europe / Adriatic region. The company’s operation started by the distribution of Compaq products. Good results, experience, know-how acquired, and excellent business relations have enabled the expansion of the sales programme. In recent years, the company has achieved the above-average growth of the present sales programmes and exceeded the growth of the industry. Along with the growth of individual programmes, the maintenance of the extremely vertical structure of the company has proved to be the key element of growth. The root of success has remained good planning in all areas, forecasting of the strategies of principals, consideration of market trends and appropriate methods of sales to our partners. The success of DISS is due to intensive investments in the improvement of our own business processes by use of the most advanced information technologies and in adequate business premises. In order to be able to expand the operation the company invested in the purchase of business premises in the industrial zone in the outskirts of Ljubljana where one of the largest warehouse complexes in this industry is located.
We, at DISS are committed to the distribution of computer equipment, software and network equipment. The company is a strategically oriented company, completely focused on its core activity. In our work we promote business excellence of a reliable and professional sales team. Top logistics, monitoring of trends in the world and local markets have helped us gain confidence of the principals and our partners. Nowadays, large companies in information technology, including some leading world companies in this segment trust DISS. We are aware that we can respond to all challenges and requirements in the field of distribution of computer equipment, since we constantly monitor the development of information and communications technologies and simultaneously acquire new business know-how. We are proud of our past achievements and extremely motivated by the challenges of the future. The organisational concept of the company that is divided into separate verticals and within them into sales programmes has proved to be successful. Since its establishment the operation of DISS has been stable. The company employs over 60 full-time staff. In the future, it will remain focused on its core activity and a stable company by its adjustments and orientation to the market. It will provide safe investments to its owners, reliable jobs to the employees and great satisfaction by meeting the demands of the customers.
In addition to focusing on the traditional distribution channels a lot of attention has been paid to the development of an online shop that accounted for approx. 20 % of total revenue of the company in the year 2015. In 2016, the online shop will be efficiently upgraded.
DISS is the 100 % owner of the companies Marmis and VAD.
Marmis is a distributor of IBM's software for medium-sized and large systems intended for the control of security and business processes in companies. The company has constantly invested in the training of employees in the technical and sales fields, which has been proved by the highest IBM's partner title granted - IBM Premium Business Partner. Marmis offers also the complete technical support to end customers and assistance to partners during the implementation of IBM's solutions for the operation at request, information management, better co-operation and communication among employees, customers and business partners and solutions for better management of the IT infrastructure and business processes.
VAD is a distributor of software produced by EMC. Besides the distribution of complex information solutions it offers also added value by its complete support to end customers. EMC is the leading developer and supplier of information infrastructure and solutions in the field of optimisation, security, storing and adding value to information. Advanced EMC's solutions in the field of disk and archive systems, document systems and RSA solutions in the field of security are based on the know-how, experience and complete knowledge of requirements in a life cycle of an item of information. These solutions have been up-graded by the solutions for safe copying, data protection and tools for the management and control of IT environments.
The company DISS has remained one of the leading Slovene IT wholesale distributors, which has based its successful strategy on the exclusive orientation to distribution with an emphasis on active sales with a flexible sales team who can listen to the needs of their partners and the market. The company has appropriate infrastructure and controls the logistics. It has good relations to its partners and its sales representatives always think about the wishes of their customers. As a distributor DISS is always looking for new sales methods and channels and has been successful in this area. Different strategies of principals on performing in international markets have persuaded the company to try and operate in accordance with global trends also in the local market. 
DISS’s advantage is its strategic alliance with their customers, which are renowned Slovene IT companies, as well as companies that operate in market niches, whether they are the classical vertical ones or locally conditioned. By its planned and hard work, DISS has also acquired a whole series of loyal partners who jointly create an important segment in the Slovene IT market. The development of new partners who bring new services and added value to customers is one of the strategic orientations of the company. Due to this fact we organise training courses and meetings.
DISS co-operates with the partners that have different profiles ranging from system integrators to large computer retailers. It is important to co-operate with the large computer system integrators who are also our key customers.
Principals, who have expressed their confidence in us to become the distributor of their products, represent the key power, which we would like to use to increase the reasons for purchasing and preserving consumer confidence. For many years, DISS has successfully co-operated with some well-established companies in the field of information communications technology, such as HPE and HP Inc, Microsoft, Lenovo, Sony, Canon, Asus, Acer, and others. In 2015, DISS acquired also some new contracts relating to the existing programmes, and some new principals, such as Veeam and Vmware. Activities with other new suppliers have already started and in 2016 they have been included in the sales selection of DISS. In the following years, our flexibility towards principals and an ear for market needs will become increasingly important. The integration of these two activities will have a significant impact on the performance of the company.
Environmental protection
We are aware of increasingly unfavourable impacts on the environment, which appear as the excessive exploitation of natural goods and resources and the uncontrolled intervention in the natural environment. Therefore the company has joined the effective system WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. DISS is an importer of such equipment and therefore it has entered the scheme for dealing with the electrical/electronic waste equipment. According to the regulations, the company Trigana offers all liable parties a complete solution for the preparation of a plan dealing with waste electrical electronic equipment and ensuring its collection and processing. The management plan foresees the method and extent of collecting EE waste; its takeover from distributors, collection centres and takeover locations are anticipated, types and the capacity of the means and equipment for collecting, sorting and temporary storage. DISS has established the reporting technology and prepared the appropriate flow of documents for monitoring data on the imported quantities of EE as well as the appropriate logistics regarding the takeover of EE equipment from its large partners. DISS controls also the procedures associated with the fulfilment of legal requirements regarding the treatment of waste packaging. In this field it cooperates with the company Recikel. 
At the end of the financial year 2016 the company employed 63 staff, which was the same number as in the previous year, but the average number of employees based on working hours amounted to 63.94, which was an increase of 8 persons when compared to  the previous year 2015.
Structure of employees in DISS by gender:


DISS has built a partnership relation with its customers, which requires a high level of competence of employees. For this purpose permanent training in the professional field, in the field of communication skills and in the area of leadership, management and business skills is organised. In 2015, the employees participated in external functional training, which was intended for professional qualification for performing individual areas of work and internal training for introducing new organisational measures and regulations. DISS motivates employees to be included in off-the-job training and co-finances it. Training analyses show that the objectives set have been achieved. Knowledge is the basis for the implementation of our vision and therefore we believe in it. Several employees who once worked as students have got their full-time employment in the company and many of them finished their university studies in a stimulating environment. Training is professional and practical and employees use their knowledge in work and share it with their colleagues at work.  We are aware of the fact that investing in knowledge means an investment in the future. Employee satisfaction is one of the most significant indicators of good operation, which is why we care for a favourable internal atmosphere and a high level of motivation. 
Social responsibility
The fundamental orientation through which we implement social responsibility is professional and responsible performance of services in the field of sale of hardware and software. The company trains people so that each individual can perform the work that is entrusted in it professionally and responsibly towards itself, the co-workers and customers, for whom we perform our services, for the owners and of course for the company as a whole. Social responsibility in the company has undoubtedly reflected also in the relations of the company to the employees and their families. We ensure that employees will not only see their personal survival in the company, but also their long-term vision of development, promotion, safety and stability. Our task is to recognize environmental needs and respond to them within the framework of our capacities. This includes different activities of co-operation, assistance and financial support to projects, individuals and groups, local communities, especially in the area of culture, sports and health care. We helped many people with special needs by our financial assistance and computer equipment. In recent years, our sponsorship has been focused on children in primary schools and on the promotion of healthy lifestyle by sports activities as well as on the support to intergenerational projects. We are aware that we contribute to a better quality of life by our support to various socially important activities. And consequently, the image of our company has been improved.                                
We, at DISS believe in sharing our success.
Sustainable development
Successful management of the company is also linked with the quality performance of services for our customers as well as with the meeting of demands of the owners and employees and the responsibility to the environment.  Our vision is to become the leading distributor of complete computer solution. It is our objective to constantly increase business success and efficiency and provide up-to-date products to our partners and end customers. As we are aware of the importance and dynamics of the information and communications technologies our know-how has been constantly up-graded in order to be able to adequately advise our partners.

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