Mission & Vision

Pošlji prijatelju

DISS's successful strategy was designed by focusing exclusively on distribution, and more specifi cally on active sales performed by a fl exible sales team that knows how to listen to their partners' needs, as well as the needs of the local markets where it operates. As a distributor, DISS is always open to adopting new sales methods and channels – revenue growth and the increasing number of its employees are a proof of its success. Because different vendors operate in different ways, DISS also focused on bringing global trends to the local market; the company communicates information on current operations, strategies and tactics to its vendors on a daily basis.

Our vision is to become the leading distributor of integrated computer solutions in the Adriatic region and our goal is to continually improve our business performance and effi ciency, as well as to offer state-of-the-art products to our partners and end users. Knowing the importance and dynamics of information and communication technology industry, we are continuously improving our skills to be able to offer quality consulting services to our partners.


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