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In 2015, the company achieved excellent business results and a higher growth than budgeted; its total revenue amounted to almost 75 million EUR. The Slovene market of IT technology has opened up again after several years of decline. The trends of the year 2015 were mainly focused on cloud services that have become one of the new projects. Traditional technologies have also been moved to clouds, where it is important to provide availability and safety of data. By use of the tested concept of operation that the company has developed and up-graded for many years, the company has focused on good business relations with the principals and buyers. We have gained significant advantage over the competition by detailed monitoring of the world economy in the IT markets, flexible behaviour in the local market and through our knowledge and sound financial position. We strengthened the cooperation with the customers by the argument of added value, such as financial aid, and financing of warehousing and better planning of goods delivery. The company offers also excellent logistics to suppliers and customers. Better control over the inventories, sales and sales-purchasing indices enabled the results that were higher than in the previous years, which offers us the possibilities for improvement of our market shares in the future. In seventeen years of company’s operation the ownership, the management and the heads of key programmes have remained unchanged so that DISS has gained invaluable experience in the field of information communications technology.
DISS has intensified its activities in the field of technical training of the employees. The investments in training of its partners are also above-average. New sales methods and orientations have been constantly adjusted to the market.
Table: Sales of the company DISS from 1998 to 2015

The company has adjusted to the general conditions in the market. The costs that are directly related to the increase in sales have been adjusted. An investment has been made in the portal IT world that helps end-buyers choose the products from our sales range.  A major investment has been made also in the upgrade of the b2b online shop and in other communications links with suppliers and customers. The costs that directly increase sales activities and demand remain proportional to the sales results.  The costs of financing will be adjusted to the growth or reduction in the turnover. A lot of work has been put in current recoveries, regulation of business relations with partners and increased visits to partners and thus promotions of sales. Investments in know-how and in the IT support will be made also in the year 2016. One strategy of further company orientation is the segment of products emphasising communications wireless communications and another segment is software that has become an increasingly important part of the information communications technology. The new sales segment is a combination of hardware and software. They involve new products that support cloud computing which has become not only a trend, but also a reality in the recent period.
Performance analysis
In 2015, the company DISS achieved excellent results, as it very well adjusted to the circumstances in the market. The company has always built its operation on sound foundations; it has taken opportunities thus become stronger that its competitors. The economic climate indicators improved slightly and the growth in operations was achieved. In the last months of 2015 it was even higher than projected.  The first months of the year 2016 proved the correct orientation of the company; the above-average growth in the operation when compared to the plan has continued. The company has paid great attention to the management of receivables and checking of credit ratings of its customers and cash flow planning.
Customers and suppliers
The constant increase in the number of customers and the expansion of the partner network is a condition for a healthy growth of any company. Most of our new customers have been acquired by the expansion of our sales range, but a lot of attention has still been paid to the existing customers. The key to success is long-term cooperation with customers and suppliers. Over the last years, we adapted to the methods of operations of our large suppliers and simplified business operations with our customers. This is the added value of our role in the market. We share our knowledge and experience with our customers and suppliers and thus maintain high quality of business and partnership relationships. The partners grow with the company and vice versa, the joint development creates competitive advantages that are a condition for the success in the ever more challenging conditions in the market.
The company is actively engaged in the sale of products and regularly pays visits to key customers. The sale is still divided into sales groups, which is a reflection of the organisation of principals. Different sales activities are supported by marketing campaigns, which are adjusted to the market needs and funds available.  The company is aware that constant activity and dynamics are necessary, approaches change and novelties are to be tried.
Comments on company performance
The operation in the year 2015 was successful. Clear company objectives of separate sales groups and clear direction of operation in the market largely owe to the company’s success.  The company has established a good information support to finance, control and analytical monitoring as well as efficient financial planning. It formulated its successful strategy exclusively by focusing on distribution and by emphasising active sales, a flexible sales team that can listen to the needs of its partners and requirements of local markets where it operates. DISS as a distributor has still been looking for new sales methods and channels. So far, it has been successful, which is proved by the growth in revenue and the expertise of employees. Different strategies of principals relating to the appearance in the global market have directed DISS towards the operation that is in compliance with the world trends also in the local market. Due to this situation it exchanges information on current operation, strategies and tactics with them on a daily basis. The company has studied the advantages in implementing the business objectives well and reacted by adequate actions in time.
Research and development
Despite the fierce competition in the market, DISS remains one of the leading IT distribution companies in Slovenia. In the past year, it outlined and partially created a vision of development especially of high quality services for the market. The vision of DISS is to remain a top quality company that can adjust to severe competition in the market, listen to customers’ wishes, and respect their needs and requirements, which include short delivery times for goods, quality services, know-how and expert consultation at all demanding levels. Sustainable development is an essential value of the company, which is why the continuous care for the development in the primary activity as well as in the peripheral activities is constantly present. Only partial omission of this factor could result in an unequal position with the competition and customer demands. Last, but not least, the development function is closely linked to good business operations and the satisfaction of owners. Company development is oriented towards monitoring of new IT technologies, the search for new markets and new niches in the current markets, developing of the most modern management methods for the company; modernising of equipment for warehousing and transport and towards up-grading of our own information system and connections with various portals. Business processes are thereby changed and updated and these improvements result in services that are performed quicker and better and in supervision over the complete operation. DISS has been also focused on supplementary development programs, which provide customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. DISS will continue adjusting to the market and technological requirements and caring for human potential, for good and professional technical staff, which can measure up to the tasks. The provision of quality business operations and good business relations are primary values of every company that wishes to successfully control the market and remain operating in it.

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